Every fire brigade needs trucks and ours has vehicles tailored to meet our local requirements.

Two of our three vehicles were commissioned into service in 2009. The third truck came into service two years earlier.

The configuration of these vehicles reflects the particular needs of our local community. The also give us the capability to help out as part of CFA commitments in other parts of Victoria or even elsewhere in Australia when the need arises.


Light Pumper

In service since mid-2009, the Light Pumper was the proto-type for new CFA vehicle being rolled out into service in small communities across the state. This vehicle is based in large part on a brigade-owned vehicle developed over many years by our members. Its relatively small size means it can be used, for example, to get into confined driveways and areas that bigger vehicles cannot go. Based on a Hino 300 Series, the two-wheel drive vehicle has a high pumping capacity driven by PTO, hoses, 1000 litres of water, breathing apparatus, lighting, a ventilation fan, salvage gear, first aid and other minor equipment.


Medium Tanker

The medium tanker is a 2000-litre Hino four-wheel drive designed specifically as a bushfire vehicle but adoptable enough to be used for other events. Commissioned in mid-2009, the tanker has an in-line foam system and features the latest in crew protection measures, including a water reserve. A front mounted monitor means firefighting can even be done without leaving the cabin in some circumstances! All crew ride inside the cabin, a major advance in both safety and comfort. The truck carries a range of small equipment, including a chainsaw, rakehoes and lighting gear.


Heavy Tanker

The heavy tanker is the workhorse of the fleet, carrying 3000-litres of firefighting water, plus a crew safety reserve. In service with the brigade since 2007, the four-wheel drive Hino carries additional equipment which means it can be used as a first attack vehicle at structure fires and other incidents. Reflecting most of the features of the medium tanker, this vehicle also carries breathing apparatus and some additional small equipment. Its larger capacity gives it greater flexibility in long-range events. With the same crew safety features as the medium tanker, it more than proved its value during the 2009 bushfires.