Bushfire Safety

The threat of bushfire is by far the greatest risk to our community. Planning, preparing and responding to that threat is not the job of the fire brigade alone, but the responsibility of everyone who lives in Sassafras and Ferny Creek.


To help residents prepare themselves and their families for bushfire, a wealth of information is available.

CFA produces an extensive range of publications about bushfire safety.

In 2007, the brigade prepared an award-winning booklet with area-specific information, much of which is still relevant (contact details may be out of date).

CFA has produced an extensive range of publications about bushfire safety.

More information on Community Fireguard and Community Meetings»

For information about the current bushfire situation

Home Fire Safety

It is easy to forget that there are more fatalities in house fires in Victoria every year than from bushfires in an average decade. The very young and the elderly are those most at risk. Keeping your family safe from house fires must be a priority all year round. More information »