Sassafras-Ferny Creek Fire Brigade is a fully volunteer fire brigade. Our members are drawn entirely from within the local community.

Becoming a CFA volunteer is an interesting and rewarding way to become involved with your community.

There are opportunities to volunteer for firefighting and non-firefighting roles.

Regular brigade training is held on Wednesday nights, starting at 7.30pm. Additional training and maintenance work is carried out each Sunday morning from 10am.

Operational firefighters undergo extensive training in a range of skills. A basic Wildfire Firefighter qualification is the first step, after which several other training modules can be undertaken. Much of the training is conducted in the local area, but members also participate in specialist training at purpose-built CFA facilities.

All training is accredited to national standards and includes such skills as on-road and off-road driving, use of breathing apparatus, chainsaw operation, mapping, communications, leadership, management, first aid and train-the-trainer. Many of the skills acquired are transferable into the workplace.

Detailed information on volunteering with CFA is available here.

To enquire about volunteering at Sassafras-Ferny Creek Fire Brigade, contact us directly.

Pump training

Driver training